Scott PruisMy name is Scott Pruis and I’ve been building websites and doing graphic design work since 2000. I graduated from Northern Illinois University in 2000 with a degree in Multi-Media Design and while searching for my first job, I decided to start a business from home building websites.  I have always been interested in anything involving art and being creative so having this business is a perfect fit for me.

The Web Monsters was started with myself and Phil Dowson around 2002. Phil took care of all the technical “geeky” stuff like custom programming and setting things up on the server and I took care of meeting with clients and creating the designs for the websites. Phil and I both worked full-time jobs while trying to grow The Web Monsters’ business. Phil eventually got tired of all the extra hours and decided to stop working with The Web Monsters which left me to figure out how to not only design the websites, but now I also had to do all the programming and manage the server which hosted the websites. I decided that the best way to develop websites going forward was going to utilize a content management system (CMS) which would allow me to build the websites more efficiently and also provide my clients with a simple way to keep their website updated without needing to know any fancy programming or HTML. My CMS of choice is called WordPress and I have been using WordPress exclusively now since 2008 to build many different types of websites. WordPress is flexible, powerful, well supported and simple to learn and understand.

Today I continue to work a full-time job during the day at Halo Branded Solutions where I am a website catalog administrator which is a fancy title for saying that I keep a bunch of our clients’ web stores updated and create new stores when we acquire new clients. Balancing a full-time job with The Web Monsters has its fair share of challenges but I have always been able to find the time to keep everyone happy including my family which consists of my wife and 4 children. Along with coaching sports for my kids, being actively involved in my church life and having 2 jobs, life is never boring.